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Best Linux Hosting

Inmotion Linux Hosting

Why Inmotion is the best Linux hosting?

For fast and reliable Linux hosting service, look nowhere else other than Inmotion hosting. If you ask why, Let's check out several outstanding hosting features with this company.

  • Inmotion is offering powerful server with no overselling. Since from Inmotion business start in 2001, it has been growing rapidly for outstanding server performance and fast website response! For people who have tired with time waiting on their sites, inmotion hosting simply gives you fresh air. Try out by yourself and enjoy the inmotion advantages.
  • Inmotion is pure linux hosting. For 10 years, Inmotion has been offerring pure linux hosting with everything standard in the industry such as hosting control panel, hosting server and other regular hosting features come with every other linux hosting providers.
  • Powerful network backbone. Inmotion hosting network is powered by top world class bandwidth providers in North America! Since everybody nowadays are looking for US based hosting, a stable and reliable network is a must for outstanding hosting service. Zero downtime is what's being said by inmotion hosting existing clients.
  • Friendly and professional support. For such scale business you might doubt how many problems there are. Yes, every web hosting company can not get rid of problems, the most important is you can get problem solved quickly. Inmotion is definitely in the right place in offerring quality 24×7 live support and solve people's issues kindly and quickly.

Of course, there're many cross finger features with Inmotion services. You can feel it by dealing with them directly. Over the past few years, inmotion is recognized the standard choice for business website solutions. Inmotion setup data center from both east and west coasts with max speed zone enabled thus no matter where your audience come from they can get the fastest connection. The direct result is your potential sales are increased because no one want to wait more than 10 seconds to get a page loaded. Inmotion proudly to offer high quality hosting servers and networking to power your online business. You can always get the same level performance from begining to end because they never oversell their space!

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Tips to Select the Best Linux Hosting Service

Linux is by far the most popular service type for web site hosting. If you check around the internet, many newly setup hosting companies are 100% Linux based. However it's not an easy task to choose the right service provider because of the complex in this industry. For quick guidance, you can follow tips below

  • Hosting features — Because of the fierce competition in the industry, more and more hosting companies are trying to offer the most services with unbelievable price. You should always remember you get what you paid. don't go with those service who can offer 10 times more with the same price.
  • Hosting Control panel — Cpanel is absolutely the best choice for linux hosting, it's been approved for years in the industry and is by far the most powerful linux hosting control panel. So when you look for quality linux hosting service providers, cpanel should be included in your rules.
  • Networking — Stable networking is the power of your website uptime. The hosting company can setup a powerful server easily but most of them can't afford a stable networking. When you have such concern you can always check from top datacenters list.
  • Pricing — Depends your requirement, you should try to save your budget with relatively cheap hosting plan. For such concern, you can visit some web hosting coupon website like ours. there will always be surprise.

Best Linux Hosting Promo

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