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Justhost vs iPage

For cheap and rich feature web hosting solutions, Justhost and iPage are always on top ranking. But which is better choice? Based our in-depth reviews for server speed, plan features, tech support and price value, justhost is better than ipage hosting.

About Justhost Hosting

Justhost( was setup in 2008 by the JustdevelopIT group. Since from the beginning, justhost is recognized the standard choice for cheap web hosting service. With only 3 years successful development, their rich feature hosting plans and super stable performance are powering over 1 million sites in the world. Justhost provides 100% linux based hosting service via cpanel control panel. Till present, justhost provides shared, VPS and dedicated servers from multiple datacenters.

About iPage Hosting

iPage( was initially started in 1998 as web development group. ipage provides free domain name registration and unlimited domain name hosting. Unlike all other popular linux hosting providers, ipage ultilize Vdeck control panel where you can manage billing, domain registration and hosting under the same panel. The most current price for ipage hosting is only $1.99/mo. The best price in hosting industry. Till present, there're more than 1000,000 websites powered by ipage.

Justhost vs iPage – Hosting Features

Justhost and iPage are well known unlimited hosting provider with lots of great features. However, justhost definitely provides more attractive features that vary from scripts engine to upgrade opportunities. Here we compiled a list of the main advantages with their services.

  • Scripts Engine. Justhost server comes with standard Centos installation with cpanel support. Some popular services like PHP, Perl, Python and Cgi-bin are fully supported. You also have choice to use php5.2 and php5.3 based your project requirements. However, only php supported by ipage hosting. The ipage servers are Debian based and configured very limited services for stability consideration.
  • Database Engine. Mysql and Postgresql databases are fully compatible with justhost server while only mysql is available with ipage hosting. Since most websites ultilize mysql database, so this difference doesn't count a lot for their difference.
  • Level of Access. Justhost provides SSH shell access per hosting account. You can send ssh commands to hosting server directly for service setup. But you don't get such support from ipage hosting, you have to make any change by hosting control panel. If you're professional webmaster and need fast change to website, justhost will serve you better.
  • Marketing Credits. Both justhost and ipage provides up to $100 Google ads credits and $25 yahoo credits. iPage even integrated google webmaster tool and adsence account to hosting control panel. Means you can manage your website creation and promotion from the same center but don't have to deal with different sites. There's no such facility from justhost.
  • Upgrade Opportunity. iPage provides a single shared web hosting solution. Although they announce to provide unlimited hosting, the shared server resource is limited. Means when your website grows up you have no choice but to leave. On the other hand, justhost now provides multiple hosting plans including shared, vps and dedicated servers at very affordable price. When you outgrew shared servers you can upgrade easily without dealing lots of challenges like file loosing.

Justhost vs iPage – Server Performance

We have hosting accounts with both brands since 2010. By our continuing testing and monitoring, justhost server generates higher uptime and loading speed on our wordpress scripts. Also, from the popular monitoring sites pingdom reports, sites are loading faster from justhost server. The difference simply because of their datacenter facilities. Justhost servers are powered by at least 3 world class datacenters, they even use the bluehost datacenters in Utah for VPS/Dedicated servers. On the other hand, ipage is only powered by a single datacenter in Massachusetts on east coast. For audience from different locations they will receive obvious speed difference.

Justhost vs iPage – Customer Support

Actually, both justhost and ipage are owned by EIG company but they're supported by different support teams. On justhost end, they're mainly powered by the old team technicians who're pretty responsive effective. They provide support in multiple fields like website/database/web development and SEO. From the overall analysis, the justhost support is satisfied by over 96% clients. Justhost provide support through live chat, toll-free phone calls(for US only), emails and ticket system. Their team also designed very resourceful knowledge base that covers most common issues.

The ipage support is mainly provided through ticket system. Although there're chat/phone options, they're not so responsive/helpful comparing to tickets. They will drive most issues to ticket system. If you need decent and patient support, ipage is not the perfect choice.

Justhost vs iPage – Price Value

Justhost is currently configured on $2.95/mo for shared hosting service and provides 50% discounts for VPS and dedicated server plans. Absolutely the best offer from hosting business. iPage is offering $1.99/mo promotional price but it's only for the first year only. When it's due for renewal, the price will go up to $7.95/mo which is pretty high.

With justhost, you have choice to upgrade after you outgrow shared server. But you have to change hosts if you outgrow the ipage service. Based all pros/cons mentioned above, it's not good choice if you're going to promote a successful website.


Justhost is better choice as from above comprehensive comparison. Especially when you're in need of professional support for different script engines, justhost is absolutely your perfect choice.

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